Specialized Training

E2G is the exclusive provider of Risk–Based Inspection (RBI) based on API RP 580/581 including the NEW 2008 Edition of API RP 581training in the oil and gas industry. Frontium is please to bring the expertise and knowledge to the local area through our collaboration with E2G.


Recently we have built our reputation on delivering training on the API Risk Based Inspection (API RBI) course as we have made collaboration with the well-known certified API RBI trainer, Equity Engineering Group also known as E2G. As demand for highly skilled employees in the petroleum industry grows, we have embarked on venturing on training business to fulfill the industry needs.The Equity Engineering Group is a certified API Training Provider Certification Program (TPCP) provider and through its API University program, the training is conducted to meet the highest standards of professional quality worldwide.

API University is dedicated to providing excellence in petroleum industry training. Because API has access to the largest pool of subject experts in the industry, our programs are taught by the best trainers who utilize today’s innovative methods. The practical knowledge gained from API University training enables participants to maintain professional competency and meet the ever-changing statutory requirements. Our instructors have real world experience and very experience in the industry. Our petroleum training courses are held all over the world and can even be brought to your front door and customized for your companies training goals if you choose to participate in our in-house courses.