fitness for service


Software technology

  • Comprehensive assessments of in-service equipment including pressure vessels, piping, tankage, heater and boiler tubers, and system components.
  • Includes tools for rerating and design.
  • includes all levels of API RP 576 procedures.
  • Consulting support from principle authors of FFS standards.
  • Quick menu Modules for analysis requiring less input.
  • Easy-to-use Windows graphic design

the benchmark tool for ffs assessment

Used by oil refining and petrochemical plants worldwide, VCESage is a collection of program modules in which a group of mechanical engineering assessment capabilities has been consolidated  to provide users a technically accurate, easy-to-use computerized engineering design/analysis resources.

VCESage gives engineers and inspectors the ability to review and analyze both existing and new fixed equipment for structural adequacy, code compliance, rerating and remaining life evaluations. these analysis capabilities has been coupled with state-of-the-art assessment procedures in API RP 579 Fitness-For-Services  to make VCESage the best benchmark tool for performing Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessments of in-service plant equipment.

software capabilities

The VCESage software system was developed by the principal authors of the landmark API RP 579, and includes all levels of assessment procedures contained within API RP 579. The software also presents many new and alternative analytical procedures to facilitate analysis and remaining life assessment of existing equipment.

VCESage also has plant equipment design and analysis capabilities based on design requirements and guidelines in ASME, API, TEMA, EJMA, and other nationally recognized codes and standards. In addition,VCESage contains many advanced analysis modules based on finite element analysis that can be used to design and evaluate in-service equipment.

VCEsage analysis packs

The analysis modules in VCESage are organized into three analysis packs.

Pack 1 - Fitness-For-Service Tools
Comprehensive Level 1 and 2 API RP 579 FFS Assessments for flaws located away from discontinuities:
  • Brittle fracture
  • Pitting including pitting charts
  • Weld misalignments, shell distortions and bulges
  • Integrated materials database indexed to material specification and year of constructing using the latest stress-strain models
  • Etc...
Pack 2 - Pack 1 Plus Rerating  and Design Tools
Complete Rerating/Design Calculations in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Division 1 and 2, and TEMA:
  • Drums, towers and exchangers (internal and external pressure)
  • Nozzle reinforcement calculations.
  • Non-circular header boxes of air-cooled exchangers
  • Flange design and analysis
  • Hot tap thermal analysis to evaluate pipe wall burn-through and heat affected zone cracking
  • Summary reports for MAWP, thickness and MDMT
  • Etc...
Pack 3 - Pack 2 Plus Advance Analysis Tools
  • Crack-like flaws, fatigue and time-dependent crack growth using arbitrary stress distributions
  • Pressure Relief Device sizing
  • Stress calculations for nozzles and structural attachments subject to supplemental loads
  • Steady state and transient heat transfer with hydrogen diffusion
  • Stress and displacement analyses for flanged connections
  • FEA tube analysis to determine stress and creep damange
  • Heat exchanger flow induced vibration
  • Data fit analysis of Charpy impact test results