About Us

Our Group of Companies, established in year 2004 with the main objective is to provide engineering solutions and services to the Oil, Gas and Energy industry. The company is 100% owned by Bumiputera and registered with PETRONAS as well as Ministry of Finance.

We specialized in Process Safety Management and Mechanical Integrity where we have performed many projects with PETRONAS Group and other companies. The company has achieved proven milestones since its inception by securing and delivering several projects successfully. In view of the growing of ageing plants in the industry, we have formed Frontium Energy Sdn Bhd, in year 2009 to be specialized and centre of expert in providing cutting edge technology and serving the industry with best practice of engineering solutions. With a target of serving the latest technology for the benefit of industry in more economic ways, Frontium was created with the mission to bring and apply the latest technology available from outside to the locals. Technology transfer is one of the key elements for Frontium in which we have a mission not to just bring the technology to the locals but also to educate and qualify the locals to master and enhance the technique to the next level.


Our Features

"we are competent in our services"

"we keen to strive in perfection"

"we have the best team to collaborate"

"we comply to client's needs"

Frontium Energy offers analytical consulting, specializing in the risk based inspection, data management, model development, planning, design, operation, optimization, integration, training, and real time simulation of oil gas and energy industry. Through the joint venture with Equity Engineering Group (E
2G) of Ohio, United States, (E2G is well known company that specialized in ageing plant technology, which is heavily involved in Advanced FFS (level3), RBI and MCI study and also an author of API standard). We provide on-going reliability services to maintain the ever-greening process of the plant monitoring and continuous updating of inspection status, equipment health and performance. The partnership and technical collaboration rendered by E2G has given the competitive advantages to Frontium Energy to provide the best engineering services and solutions to the clients. To date, Frontium Energy proudly presents local capabilities and announces that the company is wholly owned by Bumiputra and strives to provide specialized engineering services and solutions to the respective clients.

As a player in the Oil, Gas and Energy industry, our business activities is very focused and specialized in order to maintain the quality of services at all times. In addition to that, through the technical partnership with prominent and fortune global company, it has given significant value added to Frontium Energy to serve the clients with more vibrant and broader area of expertise. At Frontium Energy, we are dynamic, passionate and enthusiastic to discover novel efficient technologies and solutions to accommodate the industry needs. We believe that the needs of improvement and enhancement are a continuous and infinite journey. In this respect, we are frequently engaged with our clients to well understand the requirements and offer our consultancy services and technical expertise to achieve client’s goals without compromising quality standards.

Our long term plan is to establish a local centre of expert in this ageing plant specializing on Pressure Relief Device and also to provide a platform of collaboration with education centre and authority body to create the awareness of new Technology and implementing the best practice to ensure the Safety, Compliance and Reliability to the Industry.


“To provide world class-cost effective engineering services and software solutions to the Oil, Gas & Energy industry”


"We are on the mission to deliver the highest quality of engineering services and drive down the cost”


“Our vision is to become the client’s trustworthy resource in obtaining the best engineering solution”